About us

Our Mission

“Bringing innovative and state-of-art technologies to Middle East customers”

Core Specialties

The company has strong experience
in the following specialties;

  • System Integration (Operation Rooms, Cathlab, Endoscopy Suites...etc.)
  • Centralized Archiving Solution
  • Full HD ENT Video System
  • Microscope Video Upgrade Solutions
  • Wireless Monitor Solutions
  • Medical Grade Monitors, Recorders, Cameras & Printers
  • Print Media/Paper
  • Computer Carts and Laptop Carts – Nurse Station
  • Device Stands and Mounting Solutions
  • Dry Eye Diagnosis and Treatment Solutions

Integrated Imaging Technologies Trading LLC (IITT) is principally based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is an authorized dealer for Sony Professional Solutions. Our main products include: Medical Grade Cameras, Recorders, Monitors, Printers, Print Media, Radiology Imagers, Medical Accessories and Sony Professional Solutions including Sony Content Management Systems, Sony Smart Operation Theatre Solution and Smart Catheterization Laboratory Solution.

IITT plays an active role in providing innovative solutions in the fields of Healthcare Imaging Solutions, System Integration, Audio-Visual Recording, Data Management and Specialized Healthcare IT Equipment. Our objective is to continue developing the healthcare infrastructure in the Middle East and beyond by bringing new and innovative solutions through our professional team of specialists in this field.

IITT is also offering Bytec Healthcare products such as Workstations, Device Stands, Power Solutions, Medical Keyboards and Mounting Solutions that will help nurses access the information they need on one trolley, which has made the process easier and frees up vital floor space around the patient. The brand is a favorite for nurses and doctors worldwide.

IITT runs its activities in the entire Middle East and Africa Region. The company owns its own warehousing facilities in Dubai, where suppliers' products are assembled, stocked, and distributed to the different markets across Middle East & Africa.

Our other main brands include:
TearLab, FSN Medical Technologies, eSaturnus, SoftoCart and Hilzo.

Novelty in the Market Place

Working in partnership with its suppliers and customers, Integrated Imaging Technologies has established an enviable track record and reputation starting in Saudi Arabia. We have helped our customers to develop practical ways of working, increase work efficiency, optimize way of working, reduce overall cost and increase End-Customer satisfaction level through providing them with latest innovations and state-of-art technologies.

Region Wide Perspective

IITT runs its activities in the entire Middle East Region and beyond. The company owns its own warehousing facilities in Riyadh and Dubai, where suppliers’ products are assembled, stocked, and distributed to the different markets across the Middle East and Africa.

Core Competencies

Besides the organizational financial resource capabilities, the company possesses several other competencies including Professionalism, Speed of action, Talented team, Total solution portfolio, and Commitment to satisfy customers. The company has built a sustainable reputation in the Middle East over the past years.

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